Dj Fresh Suspended For Allegedly Calling Listeners Msu**


The listener who lodged a complaint against Thato “DJ Fresh” Sikwane with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) wants to hold him accountable.

Daniel Mokwa, also known as Snega Konyana, took DJ Fresh to task after uttering foul words; msu***y taken from the Zulu swearword for a**hole and for telling listeners to “stop tweeting from their a***s”.

Speaking to Sowetan for the first time since the case was lodged, the man who identified himself as a socioeconomic activist, said he had taken it upon himself to get people to account for their utterances.

He lamented that the country was normalising wrong behaviours. “Whether you are a politician, mayor or councillor, people must account. People on the ground do not know how to initiate those processes. There are watchdogs everywhere,” he said.

“Since they do not know where to report counsellors and mayors, they burn infrastructure and tyres. My plan is that we must make people accountable.”

Fresh has been off air since last week as the SABC investigated the complaint.

Yesterday, there was outrage on social media as listeners called for his return. The hashtag #BringBackDJFresh was among the trending topics of the morning.

Mokwa argued that since Fresh was famous, people did not want him held accountable, comparing him to former president Jacob Zuma. He said if it was Zuma who said those words, he would have come under fire.



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