DJ Sbu Pees In His Pants after being beaten


Award-winning musician and radio presenter DJ Sbu was allegedly moered by security guards at the Major League Gardens Spring Party at FNB Stadium on Saturday night.
Sbu, real name Sibusiso Leope, allegedly sustained injuries to his head and left the venue together with his dancers without performing.
He confirmed he was attacked by security guards at the stadium.
“We went to the event and started rehearsing behind the stage and to my shock the security guards and Major League associates started attacking us for no apparent reason,” he said.
Sbu said he regretted not pressing charges against the guards.
“I was advised to press charges but didn’t do that because the boys [Major League] had put up a nice event and had good sponsors. So I didn’t want to dent the event by involving police and courts.
“But I now regret the decision because my bosses are getting the wrong information about what happened. People are saying I was drunk and that the whole thing was a drunken brawl, which is not true,” he said.
“I didn’t even touch alcohol there. We went to the show . and the next thing the people who were hired to protect us [became] violent towards us. If we were provocative . why didn’t they call the police on us, why attack us?”
Sbu said he has put the whole incident behind him.
“I’m now trying to promote my single I did with Zahara and Rabs Vhafuwi. I have stopped focusing on negativity,” he said.
Sbu’s critics alleged the revered artist, who arrived at the venue as Mzekezeke, was bliksemed so hard by security guards that his trademark balaclava came off and everybody saw his face. The security guards also baptised him with copious amounts of unknown liquid while assaulting him.
It is alleged Sbu, who was dressed in an orange overall and All Star takkies – a black one on his left foot and a white one on his right foot – waltzed into the VIP section and poked fun at former Y-FM and 5FM presenter DJ Warras.