DJ Tira tears into pantyless Zodwa Wabantu


IN A meeting between DJ Tira and Zodwa Wabantu, she said taking off her p.anties while dancing was never planned.

Zodwa said at first she always wore p.anties.

“People demanded that I wear p.anties and I did,” she said.

But then while she was entertaining the crowd, they shouted that she should remove them.“I removed them and I was criticised again,” she said.

The meeting between DJ Tira and Zodwa was screened live on Twitter yesterday.

The meeting was meant to set rules on how she conducts herself in public.

Zodwa later apologized.

She said as an entertainer, she gave people what they needed when they needed it.

“It’s just that people who were not at the event always halve the facts when they see a video on social media,” she said.

Zodwa said on the other video where she seemed to be motivating people, she was only answering questions asked by fans.

“I’m told every day that I’m old and ugly. When I tell people about the money I make, I’m not boasting. I’m just trying to defend myself,” she said.

The dancer said she speaks about things that are happening that people don’t want to talk about.

Tira – who discovered Zodwa – advised her to choose her words more carefully.

“In the latest video, you sound as if you are promoting prostitution and that needs to change,” he told Zodwa.

She promised not to use foul language anymore.

The dancer got into trouble after her two latest videos made the rounds on social media.

In one video, she took off her p.anties on stage, and in the other, she told women to use their punanis to make money.

On social media Minenhle Hlophe posted: “I think she was just caught up in the fame. Good thing she has a malume by her side.”



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