#DMF | Would you let your potential bae go through your phone?


Whether to allow your partner to go through your phone is one of the most important questions in a relationship, and it once again divided Twitter after Sunday’s episode of Date My Family.

Siya was looking for love on the show and was interrogated by the family and friends of three possible dates.

In the end he chose Thandeka, but it was an incident at one of the homes that had Mzansi truly shooketh.

At the house a group of friends got tired of grilling the bachelor and demanded that he pass his phone for them to audit.

Surprisingly he passed the phone and watched nervously as the group scrolled through his apps and feeds.

In the end there wasn’t any real spice for her to report so she merely handed it back.

Crisis averted!

But over on social media, people were lost their minds over the request.

They flooded timelines with memes and messages on whether they would have pulled a Siya and handed their phone over.



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