Donkey Cart at A Drive-Thru in Limpopo


THE drive-through at a fast-food store is designed for customers with cars.

But apparently no one told this donkey!

Customers at Chicken Licken in Mokopane, Limpopo, had lots of laughs on Saturday when four guys arrived at the drive-through in a donkey cart and joined the queue.

They posed for photos and a video as they made their way to the window, apparently to collect their orders.

In the video circulating on social media, a woman can be heard laughing as the donkey cart follows vehicles.

Solomon Molomo, manager at Chicken Licken on Mandela Drive, said: “They didn’t buy anything and just came to the drive-through for fun I guess. They even took a video.

“I know there are lots of donkey carts in town and they’re allowed on the main road, but the drive-through is designed for cars only.

“It’s not allowed. Imagine if someone’s car gets scratched in the process. Who will be blamed?”

Donkey cart transport dominates this small town. They’re used to transport goods around town and to the nearest kasis.

Jabu Lebelo (22), one of the donkey cart drivers, told Daily Sun donkey transport created job opportunities for the youth in Mokopane.

“At least they’re doing something to make a living instead of sitting at home doing nothing.

“On a good day, I make about R500. I mostly transport building material from Mokopane to Mahwelereng and Sekgakgapeng townships.”