Drama after woman busts her husband bonking his side chick in their car


Drama unfolded in Pretoria when a woman caught her husband bonking with his side chick, getting intimate in their car over the weekend. The enraged woman could not believe her husband was dishing out his goods to the yellow bone and when the husband tried to escape, the woman jumped on the car bonnet and held on to the wipers.

According to eye witnesses, the woman was in the area visiting her mother when she saw her husband’s car parked in a secluded spot. She went to investigated why since the husband was supposed to be at work in Johannesburg. She got the shock of her life when she found her husband with the unidentified yellow bone in the car.

The woman is believed to have flown into a rage and wanted to beat up the two but the husband drove off but not before the woman performed a ninja move and landed on the car bonnet. The unfazed husband kept driving the car with the wife dangerously perched on the bonnet.

Other motorists eventually blocked the car by blocking it’s path and demanded the husband and his side chick to jump off. They crowd that had formed wanted to beat up the husband and his side chick, blaming him for not respecting his wife. All this while the wife maintained her position on the bonnet.

See the shocking video below :

Video Source : Facebook