Durban Na_ked Man Spotted Hiding Under Window As Lover’s Partner Returns Home Early


There’s surely only one explanation as to why a man would be crouching na_ked outside on a window frame and that’s because he’s been caught in bed with the wrong woman.
This unlucky guy who is presumably guilty of having an affair with someone he shouldn’t, can be seen hunched up and bu_tt nak_ed, high up on a window frame outside his lover’s house in hilarious footage.
The awkward video showing the poor guy cowering under the window sill has quickly gone viral, after his na_ked, quivering form caught a neighbour’s eye.
Surprised at the unusual sight, stuck up precariously several floors high, Thando Dube filmed the suspicious looking character and shared it to Facebook.
She captioned it with: But I live where? And added: Who sent you there my brother? He’s seriously in trouble.You risk your life for the wife of someone? It’s dead stupid huh?