Eish…Seems everyone wants President Zuma to resign


Thirteen activists calling themselves “Africa’s future” on Friday published an open letter to South African President Zuma‚ calling on him to resign.

Zuma was reminded of his political activism against an unjust government‚ during the apartheid era‚ which included time served on Robben Island.
“You are a product of our continent’s oldest living liberation movement… You truly know what bad governance is all about. You lived and suffered through it. You fought against it‚” the letter states.
“You are being asked by friends‚ foes‚ insiders and outsiders‚ to step aside‚ to excuse yourself from the role of president‚ for the sake of a greater good.
“The greater good is moral authority. You no longer have it.”
South Africa has a heritage of leadership that listens to its people‚ the letter states.
The activists issued this appeal to Zuma: “We ask you now to dig deep within your soul‚ rise above your denial and patronage network‚ and surprise us by continuing this robust tradition of leaders who know when to rise up and step down.”
The letter published by Daily Vox listed these signatories‚ “in our personal capacity”: