Everything you need to know about the president’s new daughter-in-law


Andile Ramaphosa tied the knot with his Ugandan bride Bridget Birungi on Saturday, during a lavish ceremony just outside of Kampala.

The Kololo suburb near the nation’s capital provided the perfect romantic backdrop to a truly special day. As well as two lovers uniting in matrimony, there was also a strong sense of togetherness between former political rivals and foreign diplomats.

The wedding brought together MPs and representatives from different political parties in Uganda. Coming up with the seating plan could have been a real nightmare, but everyone got along famously on the big day.

Who is Bridget Birungi?

She is the daughter of former Ugandan Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi. She is originally from the Bakiga, in the south-west of the country, and possesses a masters degree in engineering.

Speaking to The Citizen, it would seem that Andile and Bridget – aged 37 and 36 respectively – are keen to settle down in Uganda, rather than South Africa.

Andile Ramaphosa and Bridget Birungi – a relationship history:

They met in Beijing 10 years ago while Andile was on business and Bridget was completing her undergraduate studies. The newlyweds already have a baby girl named Ainebyona, and claim that their marriage is based on “compromise, respect and understanding”.

It took both of these lovebirds to travel halfway across the world before finding love, yet the things they have in common are numerous. They share a passion for Ugandan music and enjoy cooking for each other. With both of their first languages being rooted in Bantu, it seems they’ve been on the same page since day one.