My ex slept with someone else but wants me back?


We’ve been together for 5 years and we broke up due to communication aka “fire going out” but after two months, we casually started chatting and catching up again.. fast forward, here we are, head over heels over each other again and realized all we needed was space. Then I found out he slept with another girl.
Now I know he didn’t technically cheat but yet I feel so betrayed? He’s been honest about it and been trying to assure me that he loves me and that he would never, ever cheat (never did, during our relationship) but the feeling is overwhelming. It’s already been over three weeks, my heart still aches for him–for all the times we had, our past and present conversations.. he’s still by my side.. but everytime, I see his bed.. I just think about this scenerio, do you get what I mean? Him making love to someone else really makes me sad.

I don’t know if this should be a deal breaker or not, I asked him what he would have done if he was in my shoes and he said he would not take me back. I do not understand this double standard..