Exclusive : Mshoza’s b0_0bs explode


Mshoza’s bo_ob exploded after she had implants and the horrific moment was caught on camera. The songstress, who is known for her love of the artificial, had a bo_ob job as part of a R500,000 body makeover.

But just days later she was left in agony when her left breast swelled up and burst, leaving a gaping hole.

In graphic images, the star can be seen in hospital being examined by a doctor as she prepares to undergo an emergency operation.

Speaking to LIveMonitor, she said: “I’m a devout christian and as each operation went along, I know this sounds weird, but I wanted something to go wrong as not everything can be joyous.

“I’d rather me suffer than one of my family. Touch wood, if I’m going to lose a boob or my mother is going to get cancer, I’d rather lose a boob.

“I believe my faith got me through. I had no painkillers. The surgeons found it extraordinary. The healing was phenomenal. I was up and cooking dinner for six people after one operation.”

When her bo_ob exploded, she says a part of her thought: “Phew, at least something has gone wrong” as she felt there had to be some suffering, otherwise she wouldn’t experience joy afterwards.

The panic-stricken star made a late-night dash with a female friend back to the cosmetic clinic where she was told the implant was fine but the stitches were infected. The surgeon was furious when Mshoza admitted she had ignored advice to rest and it later split open.

Now she is happy with her bo_obs.

Source : Online