'F**k you' – iFani blasts Metro FM DJ over 'irrelevant' claims


SAMA-award winning rapper iFani has hit back at a suggestion by Metro FM DJ Rashid Kay that the rapper was no longer relevant and part of local hip-hop.

Rashid‚ who is also the co-founder of the South African Hip-Hop Awards‚ took to social media recently to post retweet a comment made by iFani three years ago in which he criticised the awards.
Rashid accompanied this with a stinging comment warning rappers to “never talk sh*t when you think you’re on top of the game. 10 years later‚ we’ll still be here and you won’t.”
iFani saw the tweet as an attack on him and responded with a spicy clapback.
iFani has been working hard on relaunching his music career after ending his relationship with Sony Music.
Speaking to TshisaLIVE‚ Rashid said there was no beef between him and iFani‚ but felt that it was unnecessary for the rapper to comment on the awards‚ and wanted to remind him that hip-hop was still relevant while he (iFani) was not.



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