For This #EnhleMbali’s Challenge You Need a Waterproof Phone


Enhle definitely cooled down the heat this past weekend. Listen, the way she dived into that swimming pool without flinching, with her eyes wide open was so impressive.

We all know how some of us black people struggle with swimming. Thankfully, there are a bunch of us who’ve decided to take swimming lessons because hey, drowning in 2018  is just not on.

So, whenever we see one of our black brothers and sisters showing off their swimming skills, we can’t help but watch in awe. We were so impressed with Enhle Maphumulo after she shared a video of herself diving into her pool with her eyes wide open.

For some people, this just looks like a woman enjoying a hot Summer day by the pool. But this is bigger than that! Enhle is officially a beacon of hope for the rest of us who are still too scared to learn how to swim.

What’s awesome about Enhle’s pool dive is that it inspired other black people to try it out, and from then on the #EnhleMorningChallenge was born.

Sjoe! Guys, please teach us how to open up our eyes like that in the pool.

Raise your hands up if you’re willing to pay Enhle for a couple of swimming lessons. After all, Dezemba is around the corner and that Durban/Cape Town beach is waiting for us all to enjoy it without any fear.