Four of the seven Zimbabweans burnt alive in Mzansi laid to rest


More than 1000 mourners, including some South Africans attended the burial in Sanyati Zimbabwe of the four of the slain Zimbabweans.

Each mourner had his-or her own profound reasons for being at the funeral in Sanyathi and Glenview to witness the burial of Four members of the same family who died in the inferno believed to be linked to the Xenophobic attacks which were called upon and encouraged by President Ramaphosa of South Africa last week.

Scores of people came and many of whom escorted the four coffins containing the bones and ashes of two adults and two children to their final resting place, this was a moment – a chance to finally, symbolically, grant their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters Zimbabweans at large an opportunity to see the cruelty of staying abroad.

Others among more than 1000 mourners were there to bear witness to a momentous moment in Xenophobic aftermath history Zimbabwe’s first funeral for Citizens who died in the time when Xenophobia was in progress.

The son of the land Lord who was heard earlier on shouting hate words towards the deceased telling her mom that the Kwerekweres will be burnt alive and let us see if you will get the money you are refusing to give me has not yet been arrested. The police have not yet apprehended any suspect. In most cases where foreigners are victims, the case is never taken seriously.

In more than six hundred Xenophobic deaths in South Africa despite some offences committed on camera no. Arrests have been made. Not even one person was questioned. Despite the South African government dismissing the attacks as criminal activities no criminal has been convicted let alone arrested. This clearly shows where the order is coming from.

The remains were transported to Zimbabwe for burial. One could not hold tears back as the innocent children and their parents were lowered down to be covered in the cold dust to wait for the Lord to come again if he will indeed come. There was nothing heartbreaking to see the parents relatives and friends all overtaken by grief and plunged into the pool of tears. Nothing could be done to comfort them but to put their hope in the hands of God. Some could be heard asking where was God when this South African set fire on the house killing seven family members injuring four.



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