Foursome Leads To The Death Of Four Uni Students


WHAT was meant to be an experience of extreme pleasure ended in tragedy when four students died in a sex and drug orgy.

According to Punch, four students from Federal University of Technology in Imo State, south Nigeria, had gathered together in a room in a hostel not far from the varsity for a “sex romp”.

The three men and one woman had scored themselves some dagga and strong opioids called tramadol.

Opioids are supposed to be used as pain killers but are often abused for fun because they make people feel relaxed and happy.

It is not clear from the report how the disaster was discovered, but by the time the alarm was raised two of the male students had died in the room.

The third man died in hospital two days later, while the only woman in the group died a week later.

Uche Nwelue from the university said: “The university is actually handicapped as it relates to this matter.

“The incident happened outside of the campus of the university. We do not have control over their lifestyle outside the campus.”

The dangers of opioids are becoming increasingly clear around the world. America is facing a huge crisis with more than 130 people dying from an opioid overdose every day.