Gauteng Magosha charges R10 per minute, uses stop watch to calculate 'se.x bill'


An “innovative”  Gauteng Magosha from Vereeniging, says she offers the perfect deal for men who come too fast.
She uses her cellphone as a stopwatch! She uses it to work out how much to charge at a rate of R10 a minute.
“Normally magoshas charge R100 for a session in the CBD. Other prostitutes call me Time-Keeper but it works wonders for me.”
The prostitute with a head for business said, “I used to charge the standard rates until I got a complaining client two months ago when a customer whose session lasted only two minutes felt it was unfair to pay R100.”
She immediately thought of a new business plan after the client said he would never come back again.

“I told him that if he came back I would charge him R10 a minute. Since then he’s been coming to me up to five times a day. His R100 gives him five sessions. He is a very happy client,” said Time-Keeper.
“I keep R100 as a deposit and stop the clock immediately after. Then I give the client his change,” she said.
Satisfied Time-Keeper said she takes home R500 on good nights. Another prostitute said it’s a good idea but she would charge at least R20 a minute.
A 33-year-old man told the SunTeam: “I used to spend about R1000 for 10 visits a month but with Time-Keeper that gets me 60 sessions.”