Gautrain commuters treated to free les_bian show


Two women caused chaos in Pretoria when they started bonking while travelling on the exclusive Gautrain. The visibly drunk ladies, who had been noisy from the time they got in the train, started emulating s_ex moves and mourning as the train sped towards Midrand.
Other commuters only watched and some whipped out their cellphones to record. Others became livid and demanded SANRAL to investigate and add more security in the trains.
“I use Gautrain because it is supposed to be exclusive. We pay big money and this is what we have to see? A po_rn show”, said one irate parent who identified herself as Robynne.
The action, which lasted about 3 minutes was eventually interrupted by Gautrain security and the two were escorted out at Midrand train station to be charged with public indecency. One of the ladies, who smelt of alc_ohol, argued that she was relieving stress after Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan announced an increase in tax.
“I am stressed, did you listen to the budget speech,” she argued, bringing people into hysteria.
Eventually the train continued without incident for the remainder of the journey.
Source : LiveMonitor