Gautrain stabbing: All you need to know


A Midrand woman has described to how she was attacked down the road from the Centurion Gautrain Station at the weekend.

The woman, who wishes not to reveal her identity, was stabbed several times on Saturday afternoon near Gautrain Station.
Photos of the incident have since gone viral on social media.
“I thought the attacker was a municipal employee when he approached me. He grabbed my handbag, but I put up a fight. And then he said in Afrikaans that he was gonna (sic) stab me if I don’t give him my phone,” she said.
The woman said the man stabbed her several times in the left arm and hand.
She was taken to hospital by a passerby, and underwent surgery later that day.
Eyewitness Yvonne Rudman explained what she saw, “My husband and I were driving past in our car after 13h00 and we saw the bystanders around the woman, lying on the pavement. We stopped and assisted her and took her to the hospital.
“I took the photos of her in hospital (with her permission) and shared them on Facebook and then it went viral,” she said
Initial reports indicated that the incident took place at the Gautrain station, but officials denied this.

We can confirm that the alleged incident did not occur at the Gautrain Centurion Station.

— Gautrain (@TheGautrain) March 7, 2016

On Monday night, social media was rife with people suggesting that the incident had not taken place at all, but that the photos were from a previous farm attack.
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It’s since emerged that the photos uploaded to Wikipedia, were done so, after the story about the Centurion stabbing had emerged on Facebook.
Source: ENCA