Gay man attacked for using men’s toilet

gay men toilet
There has been heated controversy recently over the use of public toilets in Gauteng. People have confessed that they have witnessed wars in places like bars and night clubs when those who are gay and bisexual try to use men’s toilets.
One bar owner said he had to ban individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex, due to the confusion caused by the fights. Gay men are mostly left with no choice but to use women’s toilets. And on the other hand, women do not feel comfortable with this.
“It’s dangerous, and it goes beyond bathrooms,” the bar owner who did not want to be mentioned said. Though there has been no cases which have been called into regard previous to recently, the state may have it’s first case on hand, after Thomas Mangena who is gay, was attacked last Thursday in a men’s bathroom.
Thomas was left with 3 broken ribs and a fractured forehead after the attack. LFSA6 On Thursday night at approximately 9:57 pm , Joburg Police detained a man, later to be identified as Mandla , after he attacked Thomas(Mentioned above) for using the men’s restroom in a night club.
Thomas says he does not know what he did wrong, as he still has a pe_nis, and therefore from time to time would need to use the man’s restroom. Police say they received a complaint from numerous bystanders and patrons inside the bathroom complaining of a person who didn’t belong there. And that is how the attack started.
Thomas was later that night admitted in Hospital and a case opened with the Joburg police department.