Gigi Lamayne’s Hot Mum Speaks Up


GIGI Lamayne’s mum Sara Manney said the rapper was getting better after she allegedly tried to kill herself over the weekend.

“Gigi was admitted to hospital on Saturday,”she said.

“She’s still in hospital, but she’s getting better.

“This whole thing came as a shock and I have no choice but to be strong.

“I’m preparing to see her in hospital.”

Gigi on Monday shared a picture of her hand, which had the words “depression don’t win” written on it.

The rapper, who’s suffering from depression, allegedly overdosed on Saturday and was admitted to Netcare Waterfall City Hospital in Midrand.

Earlier that day, she took to Twitter and posted her birth date and Saturday’s date, which some assumed was the day of her death.

In another tweet, she wrote: “The end.” Gigi later deleted the tweets.

Last Thursday, Gigi wrote that therapy made everything better.

The tweet read: “We’re all human, and under pain and pressure we crack.

“The therapy I’m getting has made it all better. I’m starting to see.

“I was hurt way before I was hurt.”

In September, Sunday Sun reported that the Ice Cream hit-maker broke up with her boyfriend Sandile “DJ Citi Lyts” Mkhize, whom she had dated for a year.

The couple live in the same complex and, according to Gigi’s friends, she couldn’t bear to see him every day.

The rapper’s friends apparently eventually advised her to go back home.



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