My girlfriend ran away with lobola money


AFTER two women left him in four years for not making a serious commitment to them, Samuel Zitha vowed to change.
And when the 37-year-old from Tokoza, Ekurhuleni, finally found a new girlfriend, he decided he would do everything to keep her.
Although Samuel didn’t make a lot of money as a vegetable hawker, he started saving so he could pay lobola for his girlfriend.
But he made the mistake of telling his lover how much money he had saved. Today Samuel is R16 000 poorer and has no girlfriend!
He told Daily Sun she ran off with all his money on Friday after deciding to lobola herself.
Samuel said he was planning to send his uncles to her home in February, but now he has nothing.
“We always talked about what our lives would be like once we married and had children.

“Whenever I returned from work she would run a hot bath for me and cook a delicious meal, which was followed by great sex. She was perfect,” said Samuel.
Samuel said he met his girlfriend in January and they moved in together in March after she lost her job as a cleaner.
“I still love her and I think we can fix things if she comes back.”
When Sam got to the police station he told them he didn’t want his lover arrested but wanted the police to help him find her so that they could fix things and continue their relationship.
Police spokeswoman Captain Buyisile Mvelase said Sam needs to decide whether he wants to arrest his girlfriend because cops cannot just help him find her.
“Once he has made up his mind, he can come back to the station and then we will open a case of theft.” – Daily Sun