Girlfriend Stole My R12 000, iPhone 7 Plus And Fled To Zimbabwe


“I loved that woman!” said heartbroken 38-year-old Melusi Tshuma from Tembisa, Gauteng.

“She was my everything. I gave her everything. But it wasn’t enough for her.”

Melusi Tshuma said he has not only lost his girlfriend, but also R12 000!

“We met in January last year. She was beautiful and God-fearing. She never gave me a reason to doubt her,” he said.

But everything changed on 10 December. “We left our place for the daily collection of money at my spazas. At the first spaza I counted the money, which totalled R7 000. I put the money under my cap in the shop. I left and she collected the money at the other spaza shop, which I’m told was about R5 000.”

“Then she stole the R7 000 from under my hat!” Melusi Tshuma said.

“Then she went to our place, took my iPhone 7 Plus and disappeared.”

“I have reported the case to the police. I also spoke to her sister, who said she was going back to Zimbabwe.”

Ivory Park police spokesman Captain Bernard Matimulane said they were looking for Precious Sibanda (26) to help them with their investigation.



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