Gobela From Hell Moered And Raped Me


ANDISWA Khoza thought her thwasa initiation would change her life, but all she got from it was abuse and pain.

She was allegedly moered by her gobela, who’s apparently been abusing her since her initiation started on on February last year.

Andiswa (22) from Protea North, Soweto, told Daily Sun that during the initiation in Hammanskraal, Tshwane, the gobela told her the ancestors wanted them to be in a relationship so that her initiation would progress smoothly. She agreed because she knew nothing.

Andiswa said a few months later the gobela started abusing her verbally.

“Soon the abuse became physical,” she said.

Andiswa wanted her initiation to go well so she persevered and tried to speak to him.

“He’d stop for a few days, then start again.”

She said the ancestors told him she was cheating.

When her initiation ended, she ended the relationship – and things became worse.

She said her gogo, a traditional healer, told her the gobela cursed her so she couldn’t get a man. Last Wednesday the gobela called her and said he’d remove the curse.

“But when I got there he beat me so badly I couldn’t move. He told me he wanted a last poke. Then he raped me.”

Andiswa said she wanted to encourage women to leave abusive relationships.

“I hate seeing women dropping cases of abuse,” she said.

Temba police spokeswoman Brigadier Mathapelo Peters said the gobela was arrested and will appear in court on Friday.



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