Hawks arrest Limpopo farmer for selling over 200 goats to the EFF as sex slaves


Albert Mthunjwa, a Limpopo farmer has been arrested after authorities were warned by the Hawks that he was doing business with the EFF.

Mthunjwa,42, was sending an “intriguing large number, over 200” of livestock to a site owned by the EFF in Tzaneen, Limpopo, which alarmed the Hawks and SAPS officials monitoring the region.

Although the Hawks and the SAPS  believed at first he was hiding weapons or drugs within the shipments, further investigations found no such evidence.

Instead, the Hawks and SAPS reported that the goats “were not used for food” but instead “were used for satisfying young men working for the EFF and others training  in the region,”

According to a police report, the location is distant from any town or village, so the young men there are given goats to satisfy them selves.

The Economic Freedom Front,  or in short EFF,  is a security company that is well known in Limpopo, and it trains it’s officers on the site where the goats were found.

The police are still investigating, more details to follow.