Hello Boys! Zahara Is Very Single And Now Looking For A Man


HER PREVIOUS relationships are long forgotten and she is looking to the future.

And now the queen of Afro-pop is ready for her king!


“Everybody needs a break in life and so do I.”

When asked about her previous relationship in an interview with the People’s Paper, the Loliwe hit maker said it wasn’t important at the moment.

Zahara’s cousin and manager, Oyama Dyosiba, said the singer needed a rest from her busy life.

“We have been working extremely hard on tours, line-ups and all the busy schedules one could ever think off. I want her to settle down with a well-deserved man who will compliment her and support her,” said Oyama.

“I want her to be swept away by love and be happy.”

Oyama added that the previous months had been hectic and emotionally straining, but Zahara is happy to be back on track.

Previously Daily Sun reported that Zahara was steadily regaining her confidence and was focusing on her music. She thanked her fans for their overwhelming support.

“I am rising up again because of my fans,” she said.

This was after she complained that she had been cheated out of money that was rightfully hers.

She also announced her recovery from alcohol.

Oyama added that Zahara has been booked for the whole of the year until next year, with national and international performances which made her schedule a bit tight.

He said they had just signed a deal to play in the UK and are leaving for a tour of the US and Canada on Tuesday.

In July this year, Zahara will perform at the African Heritage Festival in Winnipeg, in Canada, among other tours.

Oyama said with such big things happening for Zahara, she could use some rest in the arms of a Prince Charming.

Zahara, whose real name is Bulelwa Mtukukana, believes she will probably choose a God-fearing man.

“Looks are not really a priority,” she laughed.

“I derive my ambition from my parents, who are Christians. They have been married for so many years and they are still best friends.



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