Hide your mamas! Pearl Thusi’s at it again with the insults

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi took to Twitter again on Wednesday night to insult people’s mothers but at least this time she explained it’s because people don’t mind insulting her as Thandolwethu’s mom.

If you don’t know by now as a Twitter user that Pearl Thusi will gladly come for you and your mother on these streets if you dis her in any way – and sometimes even if you offer a different opinion to hers – then you haven’t been here long enough.

“I’m just mirroring your insult to someone’s mother/me back to your own so you know how it feels. If it doesn’t feel good, then don’t do it. If it wasn’t directed to your mother, drink some water, open your diary and mind your own business. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk,” Pearl gave a lil explainer.

Basically, if you don’t respect other people’s parents then you can’t expect your parents to be respected. Simple.

After explaining why she can’t stop/won’t stop insulting people’s mothers on the TL when they disrespect her… sis went in for the tweeps that tried her on Wednesday night!

The word “unyoko” was flying all over her TL, here are some of the interactions.



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