Ho_rny pastor humiliated by his flock


A ho_rny pastor learnt the hard way that one does not reap where one did not sow after he was caught red-handed about to bonk the woman he was supposed to be praying for.
Pastor Enock of Randburg is said to have summoned Mrs Aluva who fellowships at his church, Hope and Revival Ministries under the disguise that he wanted to pray for her. Mrs Aluva, being the faithful woman in search of salvation that she is, heeded the pastor’s call and visited hims at his residency for consultation and spiritual delivery.
Upon arrival, it is reported that the pastor proposed his love for the married woman and told her that should she agree to let him sample her honey pot. A startled Mrs Aluva cleverly made up an excuse and told him she would return the following day.
Little did the pastor know that Mrs Aluva had gone straight to her husband and told him of the pastor’s uncouth behavior. The scheming husband deiced to set a trap and informed his trusted friends who agreed to accompany him. The following day, Mrs Aluva went to see the pastor again who this time had prepared for a good time and was not armed with a bible but rather some condoms and and stiff manhood.
Trouble pounced on the ho_rny pastor when Mr Aluva bust thru the door while he was getting ready to bonk Mrs Aluva. A heavy beating promptly followed and the pastor was eventually tied up and paraded in the streets amidst crowds jeering and baying for his blood.
When questioned as to why he did it, the pastor said : ” Even the son was tempted. I am not married and Mrs Aluva has a tempting bootie”
Source : Online