How Long Do People Poke For?


JUST over five minutes.

That’s how long average heterosexual couples take to reach ejaculation.

According to the Sun, 500 couples around the world were asked by scientists to use a stopwatch to calculate the time it takes to reach ejaculation.

They were asked to press “start” on their stop watches the moment the punani was penetrated by the 4-5, and press “stop” at ejaculation.

They had to do this every time they had sex over a four week period.

While some couples reached orgasm at 33 seconds, others went on for 44 minutes.

The average time across all couples for a love making session was 5,4 minutes.

The study also found that wearing a condom made little difference to the results, as did circumcision.

This busts the myth that a lack of foreskin or using a condom takes away from sensitivity in 4-5s.

Age also had an effect, with older people tending to reach climax faster too.

What the study didn’t include was the time different couples take for foreplay and afterplay.



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