Huge rats eating our sleeping kids


Worried mum Nomawabo Qubeka (35) said she saw a big rat biting her one-year-old daughter Lungaka early on Monday morning.

“I have never seen such a huge rat in my entire life. I am still shocked,” Nomawabo said.

She heard the rats fighting outside but it never crossed her mind that they would get into her shack and bite her daughter.

“I woke up when I heard my kid crying.

“Then I saw blood on her hands after they bit her on her fingers.”

Nobuhle Ndandani (32), who lives with Nomawabo, ran out and left her kids inside when she saw the huge rat in the shack.

“I was so shocked, I forgot I had kids! I tried to beat them but they fought back. That’s why I ran out because I have never seen such a thing in my life,” Nobuhle said.

The family and residents are shocked by the amount of blood found on the kids’ clothes after they were bitten.

“These rats mean business!

“We are afraid they will kill our kids. They are so big and the fact that they are fighting back makes it more suspicious. Are they really normal rats or evil ones that are here to kill our kids?” Nobuhle asked.

After the kids were bitten by the rats, their mums said they would take them to the clinic.

“We didn’t think about taking them to hospital but will go to the clinic, because we don’t trust these evil rats,” Nobuhle said

Residents in the area and the affected families have asked the city of Cape Town to help them.

“We are urging the city to help us, before our kids could be killed by these heartless rats,” they said.

Social services mayoral committee member JP Smith said environmental health department staff confirmed contacting the complainants.

“They will get the exact address and details and will do block baiting to reduce the risk to residents,”
Smith said.



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