My Husband's Muthi Makes Me Vomit Blood


HER HUSBAND insists the muthi is there to make his business succeed.
But Angela claims the muthi is making her sick and she is worried she may die.
Angela Tshabalala (51) from Farrarmere in Benoni, Ekurhuleni, showed Daily Sun the shrine her husband built in their bedroom, next to her side of the bed.
He placed bottles of wine, brandy, muthi, a glass containing a red liquid, muthi and a heap of R100 notes and coins.
According to Angela, every time she looks at the muthi it makes her vomit.
The SunTeam saw her vomit what looked like blood clots when she went to the bedroom.
Angela said she has been vomiting blood for almost two months.
During that time she had seen many doctors but they told her they can’t find anything wrong with her.
“I have been examined many times but doctors can’t see anything that’s making me sick.
“One of the doctors even told me to get a second opinion from a sangoma as my condition can’t be detected by Western methods.”
She said she has told her husband to get rid of the muthi but he is stubborn.
“I’m no longer free in my house.
“I can’t leave the house because we are married in community of property.”
Angela said her husband has not been home for a number of days even though she hasn’t been well.
She claimed to have visited a prophet who told her that the ritual was intended to make her husband rich.
“The prophet told me my husband is adding more and more money and expensive wine so that he can see results sooner.
“But I’m dying at the same time.”
She claimed she started getting sick after her husband built the shrine in their bedroom.
Her husband, Sam Tshabalala, said there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing.
He said he’s just appeasing his ancestors so they will bless his panel-beating business.
He said he had no intention of removing it because he didn’t think it made his wife sick.
Sangoma Magotweni Khoza from Daveyton, Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun the ritual is usually done when a person wants to thwala.
“And when a person needs to thwala he has to sacrifice a family member.
“I suspect the wife could be the one who’s being targeted here,” said the sangoma.
“Vomiting blood means she has been given muthi which will make her vomit until she dies.”
The sangoma said the reason her husband was not at home could be part of the plan – to come home and find her dead.
She said Angela needs to find a strong sangoma to reverse the process.



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