I can bonk a woman for two hours non stop says the 'Se_x Machine'


THOMAS can remember 23 women who have run away from him –
because he’s a sex machine!
He says in Joburg’s inner city they call him the sex ghost that doesn’t stop.
Does Thomas take 20 minutes to complete a round of sex? No.
Does he take an hour? No – Thomas Viyufamboni (40) claims it takes him two hours to complete just one round and women just can’t take it.
“I don’t drink anything and I don’t use any medication.
“I just keep going for a long time,.”
And this has angered the women he got intimate with.
For years, women have been fleeing from Thomas, the two-hour sex machine.
And now he needs help before he dies a lonely man.
“No woman wants to hang around me – after just one session,” said the sad Thomas.
His sexual appetite scares even magoshas away.
“They run when they see me.
“Word got around that I poke for two hours non-stop,” he said.
“I don’t know what women want. They complain when a man finishes too quickly and they complain when he takes too long.”
Thomas said he needs help to find a woman who will stand for his two-hour sessions.
One of the magoshas who fled said Thomas carries on like a robot.
“Haibo, I won’t take that.
“He will end up damaging me,” she said.
“When I see him, I tell him to go away. I don’t want his money. He takes two hours.
“During that time I could have had four clients.”
Thomas said he has come to realise that not all women need such a strong man in bed. Asanda Manda (34)
from Joburg who knows Thomas said she has not dated any other man like him.
“After I had sex with him, I told myself I was done. He just can’t stop,” she said. – Daily Sun