I don’t know who she is says Dumi Mkostad on lying woman


Dumi Mkostad tied the knot last month in a private ceremony but he has been accused of lying about the wedding. Gospel musician Dumi Mkostad and his wife Ziphozenkosi Nzimande have opened up about the controversy involving another woman who claimed to have been deceived by the musician.

Dumi Mkokstad

In a recent interview on Afternoon Express, Mkostad said that though the allegations were false, they were hurtful because he wanted his wife to enjoy every moment of the wedding. He said even the WhatsApp messages between him and another woman were manufactured as he deleted WhatsApp in 2014.

“The controversy was that there was this lady, apparently, who went to a newspaper and said I had promised to marry her and I left on Thursday morning saying that I am going to shoot a music video. I’m related with the Bhengu people. I don’t know who she is. She sent the media a WhatsApp conversation. I do not have WhatsApp, I haven’t had WhatsApp since 2014 for privacy reasons.

Dumi Mkokstad

“Also, the whole thing around it saying I was hiding the whole thing – I planned the wedding with Zipho on a daily basis. We don’t know who she is. I have been telling people to ask her to come out. It was hurtful because I wanted her to enjoy every moment of the wedding,” he said.
The couple met when they were eight years old at church and stayed friends since then. Though Mkostad told his parents at 16 that he would marry Nzimande, the couple only started “courting” late last year.
On how he proposed, Nzimande said: “What was nice, is that it was quite private, there was nobody there. Not much, we were just somewhere. I knew that he was going to come for lobola, but he surprised me with a proposal a week before the lobola. It was just the two of us and he just went down on one knee, and he proposed. I was very shocked.”



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