I want Sex All the time


SINCE her ex-boyfriend put a curse on her punani, all she thought about was poking.

She now wanted the curse gone as her boyfriend of two months was threatening to leave if she didn’t stop demanding sex.

Reatlegile Moloi (33) from Mzimhlophe in Soweto said her ex, who was a gobela, gave her muthi to rub on her punani.

“He told me it was to keep my punani clean and chase away evil.”

She said she met her ex at a friend’s ceremony in Protea Glen, in Soweto in 2015, while he was helping with ritual preparations. They moved in together in 2017, two years into their relationship.

Reatlegile said she loved him and believed the muthi was in her best interest, so she followed orders.

“I applied the muthi once a month and we poked non-stop,” she said.

“I’d feel like my punani was burning, but I didn’t care. I wanted him.” 

She said they broke up after they started fighting all the time.

“My ex admitted to giving me muthi and apologised. He promised to help me get rid of it.”

Daily Sun spoke to the ex, who admitted to cursing her punani, but said he didn’t know how to remove it.

“I’ve been asking for help from some people I work with. I was wrong, I shouldn’t have done it.”

Reatlegile’s boyfriend, Clifford Serobe (35), said he loved poking, but he was tired.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said he could help Reatlegile.

“After treating her, she’ll have to stay away from sex for at least two months and she’ll be fine again.”



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