Iam carrying Jacob Zuma's child claims a woman from New Castle


I have Jacob Zuma’s pregnancy and photos to prove it.- Newcastle widow
Newcastle – A 32 year old woman form Amajuba district in Newcastle shocked local residents when she claimed that her 7months old pregnancy belonged to President Jacob Zuma.
The 32 year old widow (name withheld) claims that she met the President in Durban while she was working at a certain hotel as a cleaner.
Close sources to the widow revealed that she showed her relatives the proof that she shared intimacy with the President.
“We are all in shock; it was after we heard about her pregnancy that we travelled to question her. Her husband passed away a few months ago and they had spend 6 years without children, now she is pregnant ‘sangene ikhanda’ this is insane. She claims that President Zuma is responsible for the pregnancy and claims to have photos but she refused to show us.
The pregnant woman dodged the media and locked herself in her kitchen.

“What does my pregnancy have to do with the media? I agreed with him (President Zuma) that we will talk about this after elections, let my relatives tell you what I have already told them, I can’t reveal more – hamba ‘go away’,” she shouted.
Some believed that this is the work of opposition to de campaign ANC in Newcastle.
“We all know this lady, she is not straight, and they used to fight with her late husband over unfaithfulness. She used to work at a hotel in Durban as a cleaner now she is claiming that Zuma made her pregnant, she is being used by opposition parties to stage a scandal for Zuma. Of course she is in position of his naked photos but that doesn’t make it believable,’ claimed one resident who was wearing a ANC t-shirt.