Invisible Creature CHANGES channels and moves around the HOUSE


When they watch TV, the invisible creature changes channels and even switches it off, they say.
Gogo Lydia (71), of Joburg’s Alexandra township, has lived in her house for 39 years but says her life has been hell since her husband died in 1999.
She and her three grandchildren are terrorised every day, she said.
“I don’t know what it is but I know it’s huge and has long nails. We’re very scared. It makes our life hell.”
The gogo said the evil creature tears their clothes and breaks furniture. They said they are also afraid of sitting down on the sofa as it sticks its nails into them and pricks them.
The gogo said the creature even strips her when she’s asleep at night! “The other night it pulled my bra off.
“And it eats our mealie meal.”
Despite all the money that gogo Lydia has spent on sangomas and prophets, the creature won’t stop. Now gogo Lydia has run out of money.
At first she thought there were rats but then she realised the creature was bigger than a rat.
“Someone told Daily Sun it’s a big animal, and offered to take it,” she said. “I paid the person but he failed. I’m afraid it will kill us as it is grows bigger. We really need help,” she said.
Sangoma Mandla Mnqwazi said the family is terrorised by isithunzela, meaning that they had built their house on someone’s grave.
“They should keep a bottle of sea water with sand in the house without closing the bottle, and see what happens,” he said.