Is it true or Not? Is Peter Of P-Square quitting Music?


Apart from music Nigerian Peter of P-Square seems to have interest in football. This comes after Peter launched his football management agency “P-Classic”. In an official statement Peter said he and his brother Paul used to play football before settling for music.
He further said that he dreamed of becoming a professional football something that never came to pass. However his dream did not stop their but decided to help youths in OMOLE where they reside in order to become professional players by Sponsoring OMOLE FC, which he has done for more than 5 Years now.
“When I was a kid i dreamed of becoming a professional football player. Like you all know we were playing football before we finally decided to settle for music and Now we are professional and established musician but still dreaming of playing.
Personally i have always been passionate about football and in other to give back i decided to sponsor a football club in OMOLE where we reside. I have been sponsoring the club for more than 5yrs now known as OMOLE FC. I have already sponsored two players from the team to Europe in 2015, while more of them are scheduled to travel abroad for trial this year.