IT’S HIS sixth marriage and he believes it’s his last


So wealthy businessman Mxolisi Nkomonye (34) wanted it to be unique.

While guests were wondering what kind of exotic car he would be arriving in, he surprised them all.

The man they call Dr Mkhulu arrived sitting in the front bucket of a giant ganda ganda construction vehicle!

He told Daily Sun on Sunday he wanted to keep the wedding simple and save money.

“I wanted this wedding to be special and memorable as this is the last time I take a wife,” he said.

He said he spent a lot of money building houses and buying cars for his wives. Four of his wives are policewomen, one is a skin doctor and the other is a professional nurse. The have their own homes in Swaziland, Mozambique, Pretoria, uMhlabuyalingana and two are in Mpumalanga.

“They take turns visiting my house and they are happy with that. I have opened lodges, restaurants, trucking and poultry farms in different areas which each one has to run.”

He treats patients who need traditional help at the Dr K Traditional Hospital in uMhlabuyalingana. His new wife Ntombifuthi (31), also a cop, said she was happy that their wedding will always be remembered as unique.

“I’m happy that I have become a sister of the other wives and we are happy and very close,” she said.



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