Jealous Children Beat Up Father’s Nyatsi And Set Her House Alight, Police


A MAN has been arrested while another is on the run for setting ablaze their father’s lover’s house.

Provincial police chief Joel Njase has confirmed.

It is alleged that the duo are not happy with their father’s decision to have an extramarital affair with another woman whom he promised to take as his second wife.

Mr. Njase confirmed the incident happened on Tuesday around 23:00 hours.

In protest of their father’s intentions to marry another woman, the two suspects Elias and Malizyani Simukoko, 25, and, 22, respectively beat up Agness Nakayimbo and threatened to set her house on fire.

It is believed that a day after Ms. Nakayimbo was beaten and received threats from the two suspects, her grass thatched house was burnt to ashes.
Mr. Njase said the house was burnt to ashes and the victim lost all her property worth more than R3,000.

He said police officers visited the scene and managed to apprehend one suspect while the younger brother was on the run.



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