Job seekers give Metro cops a headache


THE Joburg Metro Police Department sent out a notice informing people that it was looking for security officers.

But they were ill-prepared for the hundreds of job seekers who flocked to their office in Wemmer to hand in their applications.

Since last week, long queues have been forming from as early as 3am. Even more hopefuls went to the office yesterday.

Chaos erupted when it appeared applicants had to bribe their way to the front of the line. When Daily Sun arrived yesterday around midday, order had been restored.

Joburg Metro cop spokesman Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, said people tried to push their way in yesterday.

“Crowd control officers were called to restore order. The gates were temporarily closed,” said Minnaar.”

“As soon as the situation was under control the gates were opened again.”

Samukelisiwe Ntaba (30) from Soweto told Daily Sun: “We’ve been trying to hand in our applications for two weeks. We arrive early but still haven’t been helped.”

Bongani Mtshiliba (39) said: “It seems like the cold drink policy is being used here. Officials arrived and took 10 people to interview.

“But when they returned and randomly picked people from the line, we knew something was wrong.”



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