Jub Jub Turns On The Heat Planning To Expose Cheating Ministers


TELEVISION personality and musician Jub Jub’s show Uyajola 9/9 sets tongues wagging every week, with some viewers praising him for exposing cheaters while others criticise him to for interfering in other people’s business.

But the star, whose real name is Molemo Maarahanya is not planning to stop. In fact, he plans to turn up the heat.

This as he plans to reveal the photographs of two ministers, who attended the annual Vodacom Durban July, as well as five other celebrities, who according to him “were doing the most” at the event.

Although he didn’t get into details about what they were doing, he did tell his social media followers to look forward to some images he will be sharing with them soon.

Taking to his social media accounts, the 39-year-old star wrote: “I’ll be revealing two images of two popular ministers doing the most from Durban July and 5 of your favorite celebrities on my Instagram soon”.



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