It was just an over-filtered picture, says Khanyi Mbau on 'pink complexion'


Khanyi Mbau has come out to the set the record straight on a picture that went viral last Tuesday and resulted in her being labelled “pink” and “raw”.

Khanyi Mbau became the talk of the town for days last week, after Twitter users showed no mercy in dragging her over her “pink complexion”.
While Khanyi hit back at the backlash with a string of spicy clap backs, she didn’t address the frenzy in detail.
During an interview with Phat Joe on East Coast radio after the storm had simmered down, Khanyi spoke out about the fiasco.
The actress explained that her complexion is not pink but it was a case of an “over-filtered” picture.
“It was a picture that was over-filtered and people assumed that that was the colour of my skin.”
Khanyi also confirmed that she had been lightening her skin for the past six years, and while people noticed the change, they didn’t have the courage to question her over it.
“It has always been a question but people weren’t strong enough to come out and ask me why am I getting lighter and lighter every year. Eventually that picture opened up the opportunity for people to come at me, and say, ‘we know what you’re doing,” she said.