PREACHERS prayed for the cop shop to chase away bad spirits.

This followed the killing of an inmate by unknown gunmen at Ngangelizwe Police Station in Mthatha, Eastern Cape last month.

OR Tambo community chaplains and cops at Ngangelizwe held a prayer session yesterday to chase away bad spirits and cleanse the station.

Apostle Mzwandile Mdodana said they saw the need for a prayer as they believed that the incident left the police station with an evil spirit.

“It’s important to hold prayer sessions in all police stations because there’s an evil spirit behind crime. All forms of crime are done by the devil using people. We need to protect the police because they don’t feel safe anymore,” said Mdodana.

He said according to African beliefs, when someone died somewhere, their spirit remained there and there should be a cleansing ceremony.

“Blood was spilled, so we need to wash away that spirit and bad luck.

“Government should give us an opportunity as community preachers to organise more prayers at all police stations. The same incident happened at Ngcobo Police Station earlier this year.”

Zibekile Titi from Ngangelizwe cop shop said the shooting came as a shock and had demotivated officers.

“It was the first of its kind to happen here. As the police, we are supposed to protect people and you never expect such a thing to happen. It demotivated us. We sometimes worry about our safety at work,” said Titi.

He said the prayer session was very helpful.



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