Kenny’s naked Zille and Mmusi painting shocks social media


‘Sushi King’ Kunene appears to have commissioned a satirical painting showing the DA’s leaders in a pornographic way and suggesting that Maimane is a slave to whites.

Kenny Kunene, no stranger to controversy, posted an image of yet another pornographic satire painting to social media on Thursday.
In his post, he wrote: “I am now a proud owner of this master piece. Powerful story telling through art…Thanks to the fearless Artist…”
The identity of the artist is not yet known, though The Citizen is attempting to get hold of Kunene for comment.
Previously, he did mention to The Citizen that he was very annoyed with artists who continuously attacked black politicians, particularly President Jacob Zuma, by “painting their private parts. What I’d like to see is someone painting the private parts of Helen Zille. Then we’ll see what people think.”
Some of Kunene’s Facebook followers have congratulated him for owning the painting.
It shows DA leader Mmusi Maimane as a slave pulling a cart with Western Cape premier Zille and what looks like the party’s federal executive chairperson, James Selfe, also a member of parliament.
Maimane’s penis is gigantic, while Selfe’s is tiny.
Earlier this month, Ayanda Mabulu took aim at the controversial relationship between Zuma and the wealthy Gupta family. In the painting, he portrayed Zuma and Atul Gupta as pilots, who happened to be engaging in explicit sexual activity while still on a flight. He depicted Zuma licking Atul’s behind in a painting one Twitter user described as “too graphic”. On another painting, an ANC flag can be seen hanging.
The painting was an obvious comment on the criticism that the president tends to kiss the Guptas’ behinds.
In the other painting, the Number 1 citizen could be seen lying on what looked like a royal chair. In the painting, he was clearly exhausted and wearing animal-skin underwear. His private parts were also hanging out, looking similarly exhausted. Other details on the painting (such as a woman’s G-string next to a copy of the constitution, a high-heeled shoe and a government-issue condom wrapper) suggested that he was in a post-coital doze.
The ANC said those paintings were taking freedom of expression too far, and condemned the works. Mabulu said he did them because he hated Zuma for his poor leadership that was destroying the country.