Kenyan man admits to killing over a thousand cats and selling them as meat


It’s hard to read about the case of James Mukangi without the average temperature of your blood doubling. The Kenyan’s diabolical eight-year scheme was exposed this week, leaving people across the continent lost for words.

Kenyan media picked up on the story when Mukangi was found skinning one of the cats he’d slaughtered in a field on the Western outskirts of Nairobi. As News24 report, it wasn’t the first time he’d done something so shocking.

He went on to confess to the murder of “over 1 000 cats” during the last eight years. Yet there is more to this story. Mukangi also states he’s been selling cats as meat to street vendors and hotels since 2012.

He was forcibly dragged out of the field he was discovered in by angry locals. Once police and local media arrived on the scene, he revealed the true scale of the horror:

As you’d expect, cat meat is not “fit for consumption” under Kenyan law. As well as the extremely reprehensible details of his actions, Mukangi has broken the law repeatedly over the last decade.

KTN News – a leading broadcaster in the country – revealed that Mukangi was currently on trial for his actions, and has a jail sentence looming over him.



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