KFC Is Now Licensed To Sell Marijuana in Canada


KFC gets business license to sell marijuana, they decided to incorporate a marijuana dispensary with their Canada franchise restaurants. KFC was approved on May 15, 2015 for their Marijuana Retail Recreational Pot / Medical Marijuana Occupational Business License.
Only adults can buy marijuana with a picture ID. Canadians are only allowed to purchase 2 grams at one time, while people who are not citizens of Canada are limited on their purchase only be allowed to buy a quarter at a time In addition to selling the “leafy green” they also have some yummy edibles available.
They are offering Smashed Potatoes, Macaroni Munchies and Bong Time Biscuits – all made with their savory marijuana butter (sold in small amounts).
KFC is hoping to get all 100 franchisees on board with the new product by March 2016. #KushForCure