Kim Kardashian’s cute snap of ‘the triplets’ brought out the worst in humanity


The internet, especially social media, is where one encounters many trolls and keyboard warriors, but a recent photograph shared by Kim Kardashian West just reaffirms that the world is full of terrible people.

West shared a picture of her daughter Chicago with her cousins True Thompson and Stormi Webster on Instagram on Friday.

For those of you who don’t know, the Kardashian cousins are only a few months apart. Chicago was born to a surrogate in January, Kylie gave birth to Stormi in February and Khloe had True in April, and each one of them was fathered by an African American man.
Why does ethnicity matter? It shouldn’t, but a few internet trolls couldn’t contain their “opinions” and felt the need to pass comment on a five-month-old True’s skin tone, dubbing her “too dark” in comparison to her cousins.
Oh, and also downright “ugly”.
Some also decided that the reason for her skin tone is because Khloe is actually OJ Simpson’s daughter.
Fans rallied behind the Kardashian’s and slammed the trolls but no matter the support received,  one can never downplay the fact that it was adults who colour-shamed a baby.

The verdict?




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