King Monada Accused By Best Friend Of Being Greedy

King Monada’s fans are disappointed he didn’t perform in KZN. Photo by Open-mic Productions

FORMER best friends Omee Otis and King Monada have split.

Omee publicly took to social media last week to accuse Monada of being greedy and inconsiderate of others.

He also released a diss track titled Letter to King, which soon came under attack from Monada’s fans.

Omee said he had personal and musical issues with Monada he couldn’t share.

On the song, Omee claims that he used to call King Monada his brother.

“He even fought with CK of Double Trouble after he appeared in one of Master KG’s music videos,” he said.

Monada’s manager Albert Makwela said they didn’t want to entertain the allegations because Omee never worked for King Monada Music.

“Look, Monada is one of the top artists and people will always drag his name through the mud. We can see that Omee has moved to another recording studio and is being used to attack Monada,” Albert said.

CK of Double Trouble said he didn’t know what Omee was talking about and had no issues with Monada.



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