Lady Zamar aims to change her dress sense


OVER the past weeks, award-winning singer Lady Zamar has been bashed for dressing in what has been called ‘hideous’ outfits whenever she has made stage appearances. After giving it a thought, the Pretoria-born singer has decided to let her critics win. She has done a bit of introspection and promises to look the part going forward.


“Why hasn’t Lady Zamar fired her stylist? I love her to bits but her outfits…,” one Twitter user wrote. Hundreds of other nasty comments have trended in protest of her wardrobe. Talented as she is, her appearances on stage had people discussing her outfits instead of her as a talented jewel Mzansi is blessed to have. “Sometimes, there is criticism you can take and learn from,” she says. After deliberating with her team and family, she decided to listen. “It is all about being an extension of yourself and understanding that when people hear your music, there is a certain way that they see you,” she says. At the recent South African Music Awards red carpet, she strutted in a mustard high waist skirt with a long trail and a crop top. The Collide hit-maker says, “From now, we are stepping up the game. Like Bonang would say ‘give the people what they want’.”


Opinions on Twitter are not a rare commodity. After her performance at the SAMA Awards in Sun City, where her debut album, King Zamar, won Dance Album of the Year, she was accused of lip-syncing. It is not the first time that such an accusation is waged against the talented singer. For this reason, she has even done live recordings such as the Feel Good Sessions where she shows-off her vocal magic. “Some things they say are just stupid. It makes me mad when I put a lot of effort into preparing for a performance and hear such comments,” Lady Zamar says. But she admits to laughing-off a lot of things that are said about her on social media. Perhaps it is the principles her mom has raised her with that keep her level-headed when she faces nasty comments. “I thank my mom for teaching me about prayer,” she adds.


When Lady Zamar released her debut album last year, King Zamar, there was a quake of confusion about why she would go for such a title. But she says for her, the title was validation that she was good enough to have a solo album. Having worked on one of the biggest songs in 2016, Charlotte, with Prince Kaybee and other males in the industry, she says it was her time to claim her own shine as a king. “I was tired of collaborating or being featured on tracks. I wanted to validate that I could make it even though I was told that I could not,” she says. The album’s gold status attests to this. Known to always sing about love, Lady Zamar, who is rumoured to be in a relationship with artist, Sjava, could not confirm if the rumours are true. Move! asked her to rate the rumours on a scale of 1 to 10, she says, “I will not rate. I prefer to keep my personal life private.”



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