Latest pictures of Lulu Menziwa the KZN b00tilicious teacher


If you remember very well we had an article on this teacher after her sexxy pictures went viral on the internet and spend almost 2 days trending on Twitter. If you have forgotten below is a catch up of what I’m talking about.

Okay, so there are pictures that are circulating and have gone viral on all social media platforms. Yesterday the Twitter streets were on fire due to these pictures. The pictures are of a teacher who has got an awesome body structure that has caused social media to melt down.

Not much is known about this teacher at the moment but we promise to tell you more about her as soon as we get the information. For now, we are just going to show you the pictures that made her trend on Twitter and went viral on Facebook and other social media platforms…

Now she is back and we have some information about her. We now know that she goes by the name of Lulu Menziwa a teacher at one of KZN schools. The name of the school is not yet known.

Lulu Menziwa

Lulu Menziwa

Madam B



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