Linda Sebezo: 'Sharon D is a lovely lady'


Not many many might agree with this, but actress Linda Sebezo who plays the character of Sharon D on Greed & Desire, thinks Sharon is a lovely lady.
After the great re-action we received from our Sharon D article last week we decided to track down actress Linda Sebezo, who plays the character of Sharon D on Greed and Desire.
Your character on Greed & Desire is loved by many, what is it about Sharon that you think people like so much considering that she’s not the nicest of people?
I believe that deep down she IS a lovely lady, and with all the nasty things she does the reason people love her is because they can relate to her, she acts out her thoughts and desperation, and that’s what fascinates people about Sharon.
Everyone has moments of desperation but we never act on it, but she does…and we also know women/mothers like Sharon, women who will do anything to get their family ahead or do anything for their kids, but obviously not to the extreme lengths that Sharon goes.
You have a very strange mother/daughter relationship with Moastaledi who plays the character of Tselane, do you two ever find yourselves laughing at what you read on the script when it comes to your interaction with her?
We laugh all the time cause we look forward to playing out what we read on the script and we also enjoy the chemistry that we are blessed to have between us.